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It’s said that good people are hard to find. Well, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

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Futura Headhunters
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Winning today’s war for talent.

Even in a recruitment market where candidates outnumber available roles, there is still a huge war for talent. Why? Because the companies at the top of their game are usually the best because they hire the very best people. Talent is an organisation’s most powerful resource and strongest differentiator. Futura can help you find and secure the very best people – not just the ones who happen to be available.

We apply the headhunting skills typically reserved for senior positions to any difficult-to-fill role.

Those hard-to-find people. Business leaders. Niche professionals. They’re not on job boards. Their CVs aren’t up-to-date. They’re successful, busy and well looked after. They’re the best new hires you could ever make – and it’s our job to find them. We may not be specialists in your sector, or know your products and services inside out, but we are experts at finding people. It’s what we do best – and we’ve been doing it for over twenty years.

Our mission is simple: to be the best at finding the best.
What we do

Futura Headhunters is a search and selection specialist, skilled at placing hard-to-find, but highly sought-after, people. We’re experienced, focused and have a twenty-year track record of success. How? We’re different – we’re not your standard recruitment agency, we’re proactive headhunters. We don’t rely on databases and advertisements. We do recruitment ‘the way it used to be done’. This is the only way that really works when you want to hire busy, successful people – people who simply aren’t on recruitment databases, not on job boards or looking for work on LinkedIn.

Exceptional headhunters

To find the best people, we use what are usually senior-level headhunting techniques for all hard-to-fill roles.

Slashing time and effort

Wading through hundreds of candidates takes time. We cut right through all of this, only submitting the very best.

We really listen

Key to our success is our ability to take a detailed brief, really understanding what clients are looking for.

We’ve walked the walk

Our team has a collective sixty-five years’ experience in headhunting, finding great people at all organisational levels.

We never give up

We know the right people are out there – for every role – and absolutely we don’t rest until we find them.

Getting it done, quickly

In recruitment, being the best counts for little if you’re slow, so we have an equal focus on quality and speed.

Why use Futura Headhunters?

In the long run, headhunting is usually more cost-effective than standard recruitment – which focuses less on the returns and more on bottom-line costs.

  • Higher quality candidates – expert headhunting finds candidates who aren’t looking to change jobs, and expert management of the recruitment process narrows down available candidates to just the cream of the crop.
  • Reduce the risk of a bad hire – companies don’t measure the cost of a bad hire, but this can easily be tens of thousands of pounds. Up to 9 out of 10 candidates can drop out (source: Indeed) and around 66% of hiring managers later regret their interview-based hiring decisions. Futura Headhunters finds the best, then submits the best of the best, massively reducing effort, cost and risk.
  • Staff stay longer and are happier – matching candidates precisely to the role and to the company means that people are genuinely suited to the job in terms of skills and fit in better with the company’s culture.
  • Greater profitability – the right people are up and running more quickly and contribute more to the company. Reduced bad hires also reduces costs – so you’re paying for just those who are hired and stay, not those who are hired and don’t work out.
  • Faster time to hire – we cut right to it. We find the right people quickly. We don’t submit candidates who won’t work out, so you’re not wasting time. We’re always confident that all of our candidates would be right – the end choice is yours.
  • Strict confidentiality – it doesn’t matter what the role is, we work confidentially, which is important for you, your company and the candidate. Crucially, we handle sensitive roles – such as replacements – without advertising, so they are totally off the visible radar.
  • Better by far – Futura Headhunters works hard to be the best, to deliver the best. You’ll find we work in the way you want; the way you need – rather than the way the run-of-the-mill recruitment agencies expect you to accept.
What people say about us
Why we’re different
We believe that most recruiters have a flawed approach to finding people – with patchy, inconsistent results. They put forward too many people who simply aren’t good enough matches to the job role or company culture. They grab the low-hanging fruit from job boards and LinkedIn, people who are actively seeking work. To hire the best, it’s absolutely vital to look harder. This is what we do best. We find the people that others can’t, by working in ways they don’t. Unlike most headhunting companies, which typically demand a retainer, we only charge for results.
We work harder – headhunting is what we do. We scour the market for top talent. We pre-screen all candidates. We ensure skills match the role and the person to the culture. We validate their CVs against reality. Anyone who doesn’t stack up doesn’t get through. We don’t waste clients’ time.
Headhunting trumps everyday recruitment in many ways. Better candidates: the best people aren’t even visible to most recruiters. Better hires: headhunting delivers people who are a close fit to the role and the business – so there are far fewer bad hires. Better value: we get paid on results; we don’t charge a retainer. Better service: we manage the process end-to-end as a true partner. Better timescales: we streamline the recruitment process, delivering fewer, but better candidates – and we help manage the right ones through to placement.
We promote the benefits of diversity – and actively challenge discrimination. We always aim to find the best people for any role and welcome applications from everyone – regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or beliefs. Many sectors often under-represent people from diverse backgrounds – so, our searches are always inclusive, positively promoting female and ethnic minority candidates.
Management team
Highly experienced headhunting specialists
Roles and sectors
Headhunting for most jobs and sectors

We operate across most industry sectors, placing hard-to-find people, usually in the £35k–£120k salary level.

Data science sectors
We find top-performing professionals across various sectors including data, technology, life sciences, biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, engineering and sales.
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